Bleach 2004: 1x90

Renji Abarai, Bankai of the Soul!

Ichigo and Renji continue through the Bountou’s cave. As they see Yumichika, they try to save him. But Ugaki and his doll Geselle, attack. Ugaki shows his true doll’s form, and starts to attack. Renji decides to fight alone, because of him seeing Yumichika suffering. He releases his ban-kai, and Ugaki starts to attack chickenly. Ugaki is told to hurry it up, because something is happening to Ishida.He tries to do his final attack, but Renji does a new move and hurts Geselle. Geselle freaks out and starts attacking randomly. Geselle turns on Ugaki and kills him, and both die. After all that is finished, Ichigo finds the Bountous. Jin wants to test his new powers as the other Bountou and Ichinose prepare the gate. Jin tells Ichigo their plan and why they want to go to the Soul Society.

Jul. 25, 2006

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